Chess Opening TRICKS to WIN More Games: Tennison Gambit

Chess Opening TRICKS to WIN More Games: Tennison Gambit
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Greetings Chess Enthusiasts!

For those diving into the captivating world of chess or looking to up their game with some strategic opening tricks.

Before we jump into the tactics, a quick tip: These opening tricks work wonders against players rated below 1800. Perfect for those fast-paced games like blitz and bullet, where every move counts.

Now, let’s unravel the Tennison Gambit, starting with the classic King’s pawn opening, pawn to e4. Black counters with the Scandinavian Defense, unleashing pawn to d5. As white, brace yourself for a surprise move – knight to f3.

Some viewers argued that this opening is a rare sight. Fear not! I’ll guide you through an alternative path to reach this position, kickstarting with the move knight f3.

This invites black to play pawn to d5, paving the way for the gambit setup. Black’s instinct is to capture the pawn, and here comes the familiar knight g5, putting pressure on that pawn.

Facing defenses like bishop to f5, queen to d5, or pawn to e5? Stay with me; I’ll share tactical gems for each. Now, let’s focus on the go-to response: knight to f6.

White counters with pawn to d3. The pawn is captured, and the bishop recaptures. Remember that pawn to h6 move I highlighted earlier? It’s a common choice, especially among less-rated players feeling uneasy about an approaching knight.

The plot thickens with knight to f7, setting up a clever fork between the queen and rook. The king captures, and the bishop to g6 check seals the fate of the black queen.

Now, if black opts for bishop to f5, unleash the other knight to attack the pawn. As the defense continues with knight to f6, intensify the pressure with queen to e2. This forces black’s queen to d4 for support.

Fahad Raza

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